What is Commodity Market

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What is Commodity Market

Any Market is that place where buyers and sellers comes in close contact of each other and buying and selling activities of any commodity takes place. so, it can be called as market have :-

1) Buyers and Sellers

2) Commodity or Services to be exchanged

3) Physical Evidence

Here, the physical evidence means any physical or tangible place where buyers and sellers can contact each other. With the passage of time and with growing technology, this component i.e. market have changed into intangible market place i.e. internet market and online web maket.

Commodity Market is that market by which every ned is fulfills : a farmer, a trader, a wholeseller, a industrialist can have access to the market place by which they can Buy/Sell exchange their raw or finished products in finished products in exchange money.

Money is very important to the prosperity of the human being & Commodity Market is the market which is many connects and fullfill the requirement of the traders, industrialist and provides the market where they can exchange goods and gets the money.

From the very begining commodity market has satisfied by ever growing needs of the peoples in the particular area. First it starts asa a" Barter System" in Egypt in the early years of progress. By this every technology now creates the Big Market as a online commodity market or online commodity exchange.

As the early of 1998's internet taking important place in the life of the human beings by which they can connect around the world without any big expenses at any time.

In India, MCX is the first commodity online exchange which was started in 2002 for faciliting the online trading facility and price transparncy by which millions of people and buy or sell at the time of market hours.

Now 2012, Mcx is the India's No.1 commodity exchange in the terms of highest trading volumes. MCX stands for [ Multi Commodity Exchange] is the world's No.3 commodity futures exchange and Globally, Mcx is No.1 in Silver and Gold, No.2 in Natural Gas & No.3  in Crude Oil as the data published for CY 2011 on the websites of exchanges & FIA data.

In India , they are many Commodity Exchanges which have large regional volumes are as following ::

- NCDEX : National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange

- NMCE : National Multi Commodity Exchange

- ICEX : Indian Commodity Exchange

which is all regulated by the FMC : Forward Market Comission which was set up in 1953

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