MCX Price Fluctuations

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MCX Price Fluctuations

Commodity prices are affected by many news which is on demand supply warehouse problems, larger and smaller production, Manson, import tax and duties international demand and supply, expert demand national and international economic conditions.

Normal and active trades mostly do not have much time and knowledge how to predicate the moment of the commodity futures prices because they are affected by 100 types of news and 250 -300 types of economic data’s which are released in every hour in 200 countries who are managing their economy.

So, India have around 2000 advisory professionals, companies and firm who are providing their services like MCX tips, commodity tips for all commodity segments by which join the best professionals and make profit in this market but always remember do not blindly believe in anybody, do no trading with the profit sharing companies.

Always is a smart trader, if you like to make profit or ….. In this market with profit only then do not over limit with brokers and always trade according to your risk because many tips provider are providing tips like.

Buy Silver above 49000 – 49050 Targets 49800 – 50400 

Stop loss below 48700 or I will call you trade in 5 lot  

These of tips who are indicating to trade more than 2 lots create heavy losses to the traders.