How Money Raised MCX

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How Money Raised MCX

1: Open an account with the best reputed broker (Like R k Global, Share khan, Anagram, Religion money.

2:  Deposit Adequate amount of margin money.

3: Never take loan for MCX commodity intraday trading select the best advisory company.

4: plan to trade only intraday basis.

5: Use lots size according to the margin money you have present in your account.

6: Use a little limit from broker for trading.

7: Never take a large or 10 times limit from your broker, it will give profit at 2 – 4 times only but maximium times you will losses or bigger losses.

8: Avoid averaging the traders when the markets are not range bound.

9: Do not hedge your loss future position. This is because after that you will confuse which position you will exit. At first because when you headge your losses position to the next comfort you are looked the position in no more profit.

10: If you are ready to book the profit, then sometimes ready to book the loss because this market is not moving in one side. So keep booking loss and profit timely.

11: Many traders book the small profit and when the market volatile they are not ready to book loss. They will focus heavy losses.


Recommend let size according to the margin money for safe trading: 


Lot Size

Capital Required 

Gold   100 Point    Rs.1,00,000
Gold Mini      10 Point    Rs.   25,000
Silver      30 Point    Rs.1,00,000
Silver Mini        5 Point     Rs.   25,000
Crude Oil   100 Point     Rs.   60,000
Copper 1000 Point     Rs.   35,000
Copper Mini   100 Point     Rs.   10,000
Zinc 5000 Point     Rs.   35,000
Zinc Mini 1000 Point     Rs.   10,000
Lead 5000 Point     Rs.   35,000
Lead Mini 1000 Point     Rs.   10,000
Nickel  250 Point     Rs.   20,000
Nickel Mini    100 Point     Rs.   10,000
Aluminium 5000 Point     Rs.   35,000
Aluminium Mini 1000 Point     Rs.   10,000

We are giving the way to make profit MCX intraday futures trading because many traders who come in to this market are unknown the risk involved by taking higher limits from the brokers for trading in commodity futures and lost their major position of capital.