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How Earn Profit

12 Major Principles For Making Money In MCX Market:

1: Do not over trade.

2: Always plan your investment and risk level properly.

3: Do not hedge your loss position in the same commodity of different monthly contracts.

4: Always book profit on the right time.

5: Do not believe and trade on the basis of the rumors.

6: Commodity charges are also so much so the chances of loss and profit are equally

7: For traders who have capital below 1 lakh always plan to trade in mini, copper mini, Zinc mini, Lead mini.

8: For capital above 3 lakh traders can trade in mega lots like Gold (1Kg), Silver (30kg) and many more.

9: Agricultural commodity trading in MCX are more risky than the commodity are Base metals, Bullion, Energy.

10: Agricultural commodities trading are mostly affected by any unpredicted rainfall at the particular and also so many other sources are affected.

11: Do not trade on the tips which is provided on the terminals because they are mostly depend the prices if gold moving upside they will provide you the buy calls.

12: Broker terminals are mostly on the personal observations and technical analysis based.


Risky Rates:

Highest Risky: Agricultural Commodity Online Trading

Medium Risky: Energy (Crude Oil)

Less Risk: Bullion, Base metal

As per our analysis, Agricultural commodity is highly price & new sensitive, if little effective news out in the market, the commodities hits the circuit very festally.

Most people consent that crude oil is the little riskier medium but actual crude oil is the highest riskier which can vanished your money, our suggestion to all book trades always trade manually in bullion then base metal the natural gas.


Highest risk                            >   Medium risk                  >      Less risk

Agricultural Commodity                Energy                                 Bullion

Online Trading                               Crude oil                              Base metal

(Mentha oil, Jeera)                         Natural gas

Everybody wants to know, is this possible to recover your losses is the intraday commodity trading or positional trading.

Our answer always to you “YES”

If trade really want to recover their losses in the MCX market by doing MCX trading