10 Rules of Recover Losses

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10 Rules of Recover Losses

1: Select the best advisory firm.

2: After joining their service, do not believe blindly on them. 

3: Do not think, you can recover previous losses within a month 

4: Always plan to recover losses in a year in place of subscription period month.

5: Starts taking only small risk, plan to trade only small lots size.

6: always and take only small risk at the time.

7: If you are advisor company said you via SMS and phone that” Trading 5 lots or more than, always avoid it.

8: Never trade with profit sharing advisory company.

9: Remember nobody over the world have 100% accuracy in daily basis

10: Always to intraday trading and follows the provided stop loss.

11: Do not take tension if you face loss sometimes.

12: Personally observing the market trend of commodities is so much hard not possible for the individuals to trade on that basis.